2017: The Momentum

Below is a list of where you can find Thomas Leffers art in 2017:


Weather the Fort (February)

Fort Wayne International Airport (April – June)

Fort Wayne Living Magazine (May)

ArtLink Gallery (May – June)

Wunderkammer (June – July)

Fort Wayne Home Decor Magazine (July)


I asked Tom to tell me his plans for 2017:

“I am feeling overwhelmed by the support and the happiness that is happening surrounding my work. I’m overjoyed by the momentum. I can feel it building and growing stronger. I love having people knowing more about this. To see my dream coming to life is incredible. To be in the middle of the storm is amazing. I wish I could tell my younger self that it gets better and it’s worth it to get to where you are going. I am on my way to that final goal. I have become more accepting of who I am because I have been legitimized in my thoughts and passions to do what I want to do as an artist. I have had people tell me I couldn’t do this. I had a teacher that told me that it was possible that none of us would make it. I feel one step closer to proving him wrong every single day. In addition to the list above, I have big plans for 2017. I will be working on commission pieces for clients, working on being featured in more local businesses, and plan to start making inroads outside of the city to bring more awareness back to the art scene in Fort Wayne.”


Article, interview, and photos by Stephen J. Bailey