Tom-BioI was born in 1991 in Fort Wayne, and have lived there my entire life. Growing up I was always coloring and doodling. I drew on almost anything I could get my hands on. My mom would give me grocery receipts in Church so I could have something to draw on to keep me quite when I was too young to pay attention.

Art did not become my passion until my sophomore year of high school. Marcy Adams met with me for two weeks straight during our lunch hour to teach me how to oil paint. She taught me how to express myself through my art. In high school I was very depressed and anxious, and art became my escape from the world. It allowed me to work through my problems in a healthy and happy way. When it came to deciding what kind of college I wanted to study at, I knew going to Liberal Arts College to get a degree in art was the only path I could see.

The University of Saint Francis is where I learned the direction I wanted to take my art. I had amazing teachers that help my art grow and flourish to the style I have today. At first I wanted to be realistic painter that did portraits like the traditional Renaissance artists. Tim Parsley was my painting instructor during my senior year and his point of view and idea of what a finished painting could be really opened my mind to an abstract direction.

While painting now, I try to allow spontaneity to take over and try to use each mark made on the canvas or panel as a representation of the chaos and hectic nature of everyday life. The human brain is constantly being challenged from multiple external sources at all times. My goal is to take this constant absorption of external energy and refocus it into a positive and beautiful painting.