Bishop Dwenger: The Fall

Tom graduated from Bishop Dwenger High School in 2010. He talks about how Dwenger affected his future and his latest piece of art “The Fall”.
Tell us about how high school impacted you as an artist?
Bishop Dwenger High School firmed up all the foundations I learned at St. Judes. I found art and it changed me. I wasn’t in the best mindset when I was here, but I look back and can see it as a positive experience because of art and what I learned here. The big impact that I felt here was not just from the art teachers but from all the teachers. There are smaller classes here that allowed for more one on one relationships with students. My dad teaches here and has been for over 15 years.
Did art play an important role for you a student?
I took every single art class I could take. My freshman year, I was an honor student taking honor classes, but I got burned out. My sophomore year I took a few art classes and then moved into Core 40 classes because I consciously decided to go for more art classes regardless of how it impacted scholarship opportunities.
Tell us about your new painting and what inspired its creation.
The new piece is called “The Fall”. I wanted to go back to primary colors. They are the building blocks of color that you can make anything from. The same goes for my education here. Everything I learned here I can apply to all my life. The three primary colors are a lot like life. If you learn the basics you can pretty much do anything.

I also tried the drip method with a paint thinner. This is one of the first or second pieces with the drips that are completed. The drip adds more detail or layer of technique and intricate detail. Oil pastels are like a child scribbling because it creates more movement in the negative space.

Title: “The Fall” 2′ x 2′ Oil Paint on Panel. $150

Article, interview, and photos By Stephen J. Bailey