In the Moment


“As happens sometimes, a moment settled and hovered and remained for much more than a moment.” – John Steinbeck
While creating this painting, I decided to read John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men”. As the book is hitting the start of the climax, Steinbeck uses the above quote to capture a sense of gravitas that shows the seriousness of the action that had just taken place. It is used as an intentional pause for the reader to soak in and process what happened. There is a sense of the beauty I found while reading this that really struck a nerve. In today’s society it feels like everyone is just reacting to the chaos of the storm we call life.
I feel like not many take the time to stop, pause, and really contemplate what is going on around them. There are few moments in life that one acknowledges that they are in the eye of the storm. My use of paint is in essence trying too recreate this chaotic storm. The areas in the painting, which allow the viewers eyes to rest or pause, are intentional focuses of beauty that represent the eye of the storm. Every viewer will have a different point in the painting that their eye will go to or rest, and then proceed to explore the rest of the painting.
The title of this painting is “In the Moment”. I hope that everyone that sees this piece of work can experience the painting in this movement and pause pattern. I feel from experience that every individual will have a different spot in the painting that they will focus on the most. When they stop and focus they are truly in the moment of this painting. It is an experience only a painting can give. My hopes are while the viewer contemplates this painting it helps them contemplate the chaos of life that they are experience and can help them process and get through the day.
“In the Moment” Oil Paint on Canvas 24″x30″ $500