Painting from Wunderkammer

I stopped by Wunderkammer to check out Tom’s new space, his plans for the future, and what he is working on currently. View some of the teasers below.

What was your motivation regarding your move to Wunderkammer from your studio in the Northside Neighborhood?

My main motivation was the cold. This will allow me to create art during the cold winter months which I wasn’t able to do in my old space. As of now, I will be here from November until March of 2017. I will be accepting meetings by appointment only. Aside from that, I love Wunderkammer. I did my internship here and it’s how I came to know Dan Swartz. I think it is necessary for art to revitalize the community. I love how vibrant the community has become in the last four years because of this place.


What is your goal for the next four months here at Wunderkammer?

My goal is to create enough affordable art in the market that not just rich people can own it but everyone can own it. I’m putting in a stronger studio presence at Wunderkammer to work on my art more often. It feels more legitimate working out of a studio than out of my home. I will be working here at least 4 days a week.


Tell us about your current style that you are seeing in your recent art?
These most recent works are a little sporadic but many of my previous paintings have been all over the place. I am finding pause spots in my painting and focusing more on color and design as opposed to the craziness of it. It feels like raw emotion trapped in time. It’s more intimate when because it’s smaller. I have been allowing more white to shine through and then lashing out with color.


Article, interview, and photos By Stephen J. Bailey