The Art of Framing

Tell us about framing and how it is incorporated with some of your pieces.

Framing really steps up the professionalism of your art. If you have great art that you love, you need to take the time to frame it. Framing allows for an artist to find one more way to represent themselves. I know artist that don’t care about framing specifics and then the buyer has to redo the framing. The more convenience you can give a buyer, the easier it is to make a connection and a sale. There is definitely a price difference between framed and unframed art. The price has to cover the cost of the framing and the time that went into it.

Is there always a direct connection between framing and a sale?

Matting is important for connecting with the buyer. Being a business person as an artist is important for success. You need to accommodate the buyer while still respecting your artistry. If you can get a reputation for going the extra mile with a buyer, success is yours.

Tell us more about being a business person and an artist at the same time?

The hardest thing is knowing that there is no perfect artist. You have dramatic artists that became big by defying the rules, or artists like Salvador Dali that was over the top and sold himself. Pablo was extremely talented and was successful because of the people around him and being at the right place in time and not just because of his art. To be a thriving artist today, you need to be current at events, engaged on social media, find an art economy and market, make good art consistently, and then build a team of people that can market and help sell for you.

Article, interview, and photos by Stephen J. Bailey